Friday, 21 July 2017

A quilt donation…

One thing about living in a small town, it’s the kind of place where everyone knows mostly everyone.  And if you don’t know that person, you know someone who knows that person.

And when someone gets an illness, it does send shock waves throughout the community.

A local girl has been diagnosed with some sort of cancer, she is fifteen.

So what do quilters do when someone is sick?  Of course, they make a quilt.

Photo 8-6-17, 11 55 18 am

Our group made this for her, it was a split nine patch sashed with black homespun.

Photo 8-6-17, 11 55 26 am

Photo 8-6-17, 11 55 56 am

Photo 8-6-17, 11 56 06 am

Photo 8-6-17, 11 56 22 am

Machine quilted by my mother, stitched together by the group and bound by me. 

A group effort.  I do hope she likes it.

updated:  she loved it. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Autumn Days

Strictly speaking, it’s Winter here in South Australia but I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.

Whilst the mornings have been flipping freezing and frosty (say that quickly three times) the lack of any rain means our days are bright and sunny.  All the flowers are out.  The roses are still going.  I have raspberries still!

There’s still quite a lot going on in my garden too.

Rain would be truly excellent, but at least I have pretty flowers!



Sadly, being school holidays there isn’t much sewing to speak of, but we’ve been out enjoying the lovely town I live in. 

Photo 4-6-17, 3 49 35 pmPhoto 4-6-17, 3 54 42 pmPhoto 4-6-17, 3 55 36 pm (1)

I took a tonne more but I’ll load them up another day for you.  Wouldn’t want you getting too jealous!

Hope you’re having a lovely quilty day!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Something Simple

Every now and again it’s nice to do something really simple.

Some time ago I saw a really cute pattern on the Spotlight website.  I’ve not made much from there, but it took my fancy and when they had a sale on I lashed out and brought all the fabrics it recommended.

Blogger is being particularly uncooperative this morning so it won’t let me add text after these photos, so please enjoy them.  It took me a morning to sew the blocks together, half a day to embroider them.  Sometimes it’s fun to do the quick stuff.

I’ve pinned the quilt to its backing, and now it’s waiting for me to have five minutes at the machine to machine quilt it.  Hopefully that is today’s job!

Photo 14-6-17, 1 43 32 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 43 43 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 02 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 07 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 15 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 18 pm

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lucy Boston - an update!

A few weeks ago, I posted some blocks from the Lucy Boston quilt we are working on for our Raffle Quilt.

I'm pleased to say that we are now finished, and it's spectacular!

Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 08 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 27 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 42 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 01 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 18 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 27 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 49 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 02 12 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 03 09 pm
It was expertly quilted by my clever mum, and all that we have to do now is sell a million tickets.  Easy peasy!

I've never brought tickets in our own raffles before but I'm definitely going to do it this time!

Hope you're doing well, it's a glorious sunny day today - though rain would be nice!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

more monsters

Have I shown you these little guys:

My monster quilt block continue to grow.  I’ve stockpiled enough for a quilt (or two) and I will slowly stitch them.  I find it best to get the mess out of the way all in one go.  Which is precisely what I have done.

Photo 8-6-17, 7 29 52 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 29 55 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 29 57 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 01 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 04 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 08 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 11 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 15 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 18 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 21 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 24 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 27 pm

Photo 8-6-17, 7 30 29 pm (1)

It was a glorious day yesterday, almost summer.  Today it’s flipping freezing and my fingers don’t want to work.  Need to go warm them by the heater, I think!

Hope you’re all well!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

another one of those quilts

Hi lovely readers. 

I know you love looking at these quilts – when my mum had the chance to quilt another one I took lots of photos for you.

For the inevitable question – it’s ‘Farmyard Patches’ from – enjoy!